8th Annual Ohio Diversity and Leadership Conference

8th Annual Ohio Diversity and Leadership Conference.                                                    
Since the inception of the Ohio Diversity and Leadership Conference, we have made great strides in fostering an environment for diversity and inclusion. However, there is still much more to be done. In order to remain competitive in today's global economy, organizations must be innovative and creative when it comes to maintaining diversity within their workforce.
Our two-day conference will afford organizations the opportunity to explore tools and resources necessary to build diverse workforces and remain competitive on the global stage. The event will also provide a valuable opportunity for individuals to network together and grow in their knowledge of diversity and leadership, which can be utilized to craft long and distinguished careers. Finally, our speakers and various panel sessions will offer a unique perspective on a ple thora of topics, including the creation of a diverse workforce, essential leadership skills, personal branding, and diversity and inclusion best practices.                                                                                                      
Conference Location: Sheraton Columbus Hotel at Capitol Square, Columbus OH
Registration: http://ohiodiversityconference.com/2015/registration.php