Tri-State Diversity Converence

The Tri-State Diversity Conference is hosted by four land grant universities from Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio. It is designed for administrators, faculty, and staff from Cooperative Extension, research, and academic programs; private and public university representatives; K-12 educators; community outreach leaders; health and social services professionals; employers and supervisors; human resource staff; elected and appointed officials; and all others wanting to expand diversity efforts and increase cultural understanding in their communities and workplaces.
Conference Goal:
The overall conference goal is to link people and resources together in order to better integrate diversity into
programs, policies, and practices for creating community well-being. Approximately 175 – 250 participants are expected to attend.
Conference Objectives:
  1. Showcase best practices, curriculum models, research, outreach strategies, training methods, and/or success stories for implementing community-based or work related diversity initiatives in the areas of education,community development, the health field, and the workplace.
  2. To identify research needs and questions related to culturally diverse practices.
  3. To network and link resources to help integrate diversity into programs, policies, and accepted practices for creating community and workplace well-being.
  4. To create space for participants to examine their experience through reflective dialogue sessions.