Pamela Thomas

portrait of Pamela Thomas
Pamela Thomas
Program Manager for Student Affairs
(614) 292-3363

Ms. Pamela Thomas is program manager in the equity and inclusion office focusing on services impacting student success.

MANRRS Advisor – Multicultural students in agriculture, natural resources & related sciences and part of a national society promoting leadership and academic excellence. To learn more about MANRRS, visit their webpage.

Resident Director – Panama: Thru the lens of AgriCulture, Sustainability and Diversity an education abroad experience designed for multicultural students, first generation and low-income students.

SROP FAES Coordinator – College coordinator for undergraduate research program in partnership with the graduate school.

LSAMP Contact – College contact and advisory board member for STEM majors located within FAES.

Student Support Services – Offers a range of academic and social support services for students

Advocate for student success.

Ms. Thomas developed a passion for careers in the agricultural and environmental sciences while working as an agricultural extension officer in Sierra Leone, West Africa where she served through the Peace Corps.