Farming for Justice

teacher and student walking in a field

Farming for Justice is a series of monthly webinars created by Groundswell. These webinars are for farmers, food producers, and food system workers to discuss specialized topics addressing the intersections of farming and food justice. 

Farming for Justice webinars are free and interested individuals can register online. Once you register, you will receive monthly updates on future Farming for Justice Discussions.

Information on upcoming webinars and information on past webinars can be found below. 

Upcoming Webinars

Please check back soon for upcoming webinars!

Past Webinar Recordings and Recaps

September 2020

Indigenous Land Management and Cultural Preservation


July 2020

What Bees Can Teach Us About Shaping Social Change - Ang Roell



June 2020

From Gun Violence To Homesteading with Chantel Johnson



May 2020

Creating Interdependent Communities Through Food Justice Chef Kabui



April 2020

Dismantling Diet Culture and Weight Stigma in Food Justice



January 2020

Federal Farm Program Access for Farmers of Color

Click here to view the slides from this webinar. Click here to view suggested links and resources. 

December 2019

Redistributing Resources to Regenerate 



November 2019

Queering Sustainable Agriculture



October 2019

How Green is the New Green Deal?



September 2019

How Equity Shapes Groundswell Center



August 2019

Address Farming Challenges through Policy Change w/Young Farmers Coalition



July 2019

Experiences of Food Insecurity at Cornell University

This Farming for Justice webinar discussed food insecurity at Cornell University, a sensitive topic that is surrounded by stigma both within the university itself and in the local community. This webinar featured Marquan Jones, an Engaged Scholar senior at Cornell University and Kathleen Pasetty, owner of a local food café located on the Cornell University campus.

Click here to read the full recap of this webinar.

June 2019

Equitable Fresh Food Access 



April 2019

Beyond the Seed Bank



February 2019

Farm to People Panel: Farm to School, Affordable CSA’s, Farmer/Food Bank Tax Break