Land Acknowledgement

Land Acknowledgement:

I would like to acknowledge that the land The Ohio State University occupies has long served as a site of meeting and exchange amongst Indigenous peoples, specifically the Shawnee, Miami, Wyandot and Delaware Nations. I honor and respect the diverse Indigenous peoples connected to this territory on which we gather.

Why do we recognize the land?

To recognize the land is an expression of gratitude and appreciation to those whose territory on which non-natives reside and a way of honoring the Indigenous people who have been living here and working this land from time immemorial. It is a part of reconciling the harm caused by colonialism. It is important to understand the long-standing history that has brought non-natives to reside on this land and to seek to understand our place within that history. Land acknowledgements do not exist in a past tense or historical context: colonialism is a current and ongoing process. Awareness of our present participation is necessary for restorative justice.

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