Dissertation/Thesis Write-Ins

Dates for all upcoming Dissertation/Thesis Write-Ins can be found on our calendar!

students working on a project

Having trouble staying focused on writing your thesis or dissertation? Or are you looking for a quiet space to focus without distractions? Then come join one of our write-ins!

A write-in is a quiet space for students to get together to write independently in community and is a very effective tool for many people. Ideally, all notes from literature should be prepared and available and all statistical analyses completed, but if you are not quite ready to write and want to take advantage of this opportunity to work on stats or research you are still welcome to attend. Snacks and tea will be provided.

Seats are limited and available on a first come basis and we can comfortably accommodate approximately 12 people. If necessary, a waiting list will be created and students will be notified when a seat becomes available. Email reminders will be sent two days prior to each session.

Please send inquiries to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’s Program Director, Dr. Leo Taylor (taylor.3408@osu.edu), or Program Assistant, Alicia Baca (baca.31@osu.edu).